Seven Bays Winery is a boutique winery located in Davenport, WA. We source grapes from around Washington State, including the owners private vineyard on the Columbia River, to bring you hand-crafted, artisian wines.

Unlike other large wineries that produce thousands upon thousands of cases (which we admit we greatly enjoy), we are able to manage small runs of a few hundred cases. This allows us to acheive what we believe to be an incredible range of wines for all palettes.

Drinking wine is a sensory experience. All of our wines are meant to be an experience of a memorable event. With each of our varietals comes a story that we hope inspires you to create your own story. Whether it is a fruity Sangria while boating on Lake Roosevelt, or a subtle Pinot Gris on the back deck on a Sunday afternoon, or the rush of a bold Cabernet indulged at dinner with close friends, the wines of Seven Bays Winery are your gateway to creating an experience to be remembered over and over again.

Our goal with Seven Bays Winery is to create and share with you our experiences and love for getting together with good friends, enjoy a glass of wine, and develop friendships and associations that last a lifetime.

Seven Bays Trading Company, LLC
Seven Bays Winery
Opening April 2011!
The winery is interested in hosting the works of our local artists. If you are interested in displaying your work at the winery, please feel free to contact us!
Are you a local artist?
We are looking for musicians who want get involved in our Summer Concert Series. Whether your venue, is Rock, Folk, County, or Jazz, we're sure that an evening at the winery will be an event that all will flock to! Contact us if you are interested in appearing!
Become a part of the Summer Concert Series!
OK, maybe around the corner and down the block a little bit, but now is the time to let us know if you want to be involved in Crush! Every year, we seek out a few bold volunteers who want to help crush the harvest and get the vats loaded up for primary fermentation. We make it into a fun party with lot's of wine, food, and good cheer!
The 2011 Crush is just around the corner
Spotlight on the Winery:
It has taken over a year to turn our 24x60 plain-jane pole building into a work of art and state of the art winery. Our tasting room is located right on Highway 2, just as you enter Davenport from the East. A beautiful outdoor patio area and pergola invites you to sit and linger as life slows down. In the evenings, soft lighting, the gentle sway of a smooth jazz tune, and the romantic ambiance lends itself to intimate conversation and connections rekindled.

The tasting room is a gathering place for people and ideas. We designed the facility to be a place for community and much more than just a storefront. Seven Bays Winery is a place to gather, to enjoy, and discuss the future and all the possibilities.

We invite you to come and join us for an afternoon or evening tasting, a discussion with the winemaker, or just a place for you and your friends to step out of the hectic pace that is our lives for a few hours.
The Processing and Tasting Room Facility:
A full release is not expected until the Spring of 2012, but, this fall we will have some events and gatherings to taste some of our early releases including a Sangria, Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah.
2011 Offerings:
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Like good wine, everything takes time. As the winery gets closer to opening, we'll update the website and revamp with our summer concert series events, Friday Evening Gatherings, online store, wine offerings, etc. We've already begun production on the main web site which will be much more visual, and, like all of our wines, tell a wonderful story that invites you to become part of our wonderful experience and experiment.

Thank you for stopping by and please stop back frequently!
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